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 On Valentine's Day, we often get or give flowers to a special person.  Maybe we suprise them with a box of chocolate, which is likely to be packed in a red box.

Have youe ever wondered what are these popular flowers and  colors mean?

 Not surprisingly one of the most popular flowers around this time is the rose - especially red ones. It symbolizes passion and love, and it1 the main symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. White roses can mean innocence, purity, and loyalty, but it can also be a sign of restart or farewell. The pink rose is a symbol of new love or the start of a relationship. While the lighter shade means respect, the darker can be a sign of appreciation and gratitude.

 Tulips are popular gifts too. Due to its grace and the heart form of its flower, the tulip is a symbol of passion, love and femininity. Red tulips express love or insistence.

A bouquet of lilies can be a perfect gift, as they symbolizes youth. However it’s good to know that in other cultures white lilies are the symbol of grief.

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of joy, happiness and long life. It may also mean that you are a very good friend.

Gerbera is also a popular flower on Valentine's Day. Gerbera suggests pure emotions and restraint. Like the rose, the red gerbera symbolizes love, while the white gerbera represents purity.

In addition to love, beauty and delicacy, the orchid symbolizes knowledge and literacy. It's the flower of sophistication and tenderness.

During Valentine's Day, the most common colors are red, pink, white and gold.

 Red is the color of love, sex, and passion, but we can also associate with dynamism, energy.

Pink is also the symbol of love, but it is also the color of care, caring, compassion and unconditional love.

 White symbolizes purity, perfection, openness and balance, but in other cultures, such as China, it's the color of mourning.

 And finally, gold. This color most often associates people with wealth, money and nobility. However, gold, similar to yellow, can symbolize passion, love, and radiancy .