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Gifting flowers has its own sets of rules and traditions

You don’t necessarily have to follow these, since, at the end of the day, the personal taste of the receiver is the most important thing, but you might find them useful if you want to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or causing an awkward situation.

Giving flowers is a great idea for many occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, baby showers, graduations and Valentine’s Day. Whatever the occasion may be, there are a few simple rules and customs about the colour, type and number of flowers you should consider when choosing your gift.

How many?

The most important rule of thumb when it comes to the quantity of flowers is that you should give them in odd numbers. You can also choose to give, in the spirit of less is more, a single flower – just make sure that it has a long stem.

What kind?

Some colours and kinds of flowers have symbolic meanings, which can help you strengthen the message you want the flowers to represent. Red roses are the flowers of love, for example, but it’s best to choose softer colours for first dates, like white or pastel ones. Peony is also a great choice early in the relationship.

For baby showers, make sure to avoid very fragrant blossoms. Tulips, with their grace, are great for expressing your love – romantic or otherwise. Lilies symbolize innocence, so they are nice choices if your gifted person is someone younger, or if the occasion is a graduation, for example. Just be aware that lilies, along with chrysanthemum and asters, are also the flowers of grief, so they might not always be appropriate. And if you’d like to surprise a man with flowers, keep the colours to greens, whites, yellows and browns in your bouquet.

These rules will help you choose the best possible options, but don’t forget: you can never really go wrong with a lovely bouquet of flowers.