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Valentine’s Day is a festival of love, when lovers exchange flowers, chocolates, cards, and spend time together.

We at Netflorista are devoted fans of this holiday and really enjoyed browsing our product range to pick our favorites.

Here are the best ideas for those who are searching for the perfect surprise for their loved one.

Red roses in a box

A box filled with red roses will help you express your feelings without words.

Macarons and flowers

If you want to surprise your beloved with a unique gift on February 14, try this sophisticated mix of delicious macarons and bright flowers.

Eternal roses

These eternal roses, locked inside a box, will keep on blooming for years to come.

A box filled with sweets

If your love has a sweet tooth, surprise them with a box filled to the brim with sweets.

Instead of a stuffed animal

Perfect for those who want to give a playful gift.

Charming freshness

Bring a bit of spring to your beloved’s day with a bouquet of tulips.

Playful Valentine

Filled with heart shaped confetti, these balloons are joyful Valentine’s Day gifts.

Love behind glass

A single rose under a bell-glass is a gift straight out of a fairy-tale.

A unique box

Surprise your Valentine with an exclusive box of luxurious items.

A special bouquet

This not so usual bouquet is a great choice for someone who likes extraordinary things.