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  • Forever Quadrata - small black cube box
  • Forever Quadrata - small black cube box
  • Forever Quadrata - small black cube box

16 gorgeous long lasting stems of luxury Ecuadorian infinity roses nestled in our beautiful handmade black square gift


The preservation process keeps your flowers looking radiant.

How exactly?
By stabilising the growing process. The carefully selected roses go under a rehydration process and are treated with a mixture of glycerine and other supplements which help maintain the natural appearance of the buds, so they appear just like the freshly cut ones.

Preservation of the flowers happens in the early stage of growth when they are the most radiant and fresh, this gives you the opportunity to have our beautiful flowers up to a year.

Your roses will look natural, soft and bright for a long time when kept under the right conditions.

Forever Quadrata - small black cube box


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